Monday, September 17, 2012

Week In Pictures

Little Button is 12 weeks tomorrow - where the hell did the past 3 months go? Far out.
He's spending more time laughing and smiling at me, which is just the freakin' best thing ever, but he has been battling with a growth spurt and the 3rd Wonder Week at the same time. This means grizzling like a monster and refusing my milk near the end of each feed. It's so frustrating but I have to keep telling myself to keep calm. If I'm calm, he'll become calm much easier.
He's been playing with his new SkipHop activity gym (I have a new obsession with SkipHop). I love all the owls and we just discovered one of them plays water sounds when I stepped on it, lol.
Yes, I'm STILL going with this huge blanket of sunbursts. I have about 20 more to border with the cream colour, then to weave in all the ends and block them. I dragged out a pin board to try blocking the first square as I've never bothered doing it before. Naughty, I know.
Looks pretty great huh! I know, I know, I didn't weave in the ends of this one yet, but I'm impatient.
Last weekend was all about being social. Actually so was this weekend! I'm really looking forward to just relaxing this week with bubba. How amazing is this cake - we went to bubba's first baby shower.
On Friday, I put bubba to bed early and went to a concert I've been waiting for for 15 years...HANSON! OMG it was amazeballs! I'm still buzzing from it and all of their CDs are in the stacker in the car. Pretty much everyone there was my age (the plus side of 18+ gigs) and the bonus - there was a bar right next to my choice viewing spot. I got home at 2am and spent the next day as a zombie. Heh, then went out for dinner with old friends and spent the next day on the couch as a zombie...again. Smart move? No. But I'd sooooo do it again.

Who said new mummas can't get out and party?

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