Sunday, September 23, 2012

Craft Room Reveal

I've been planning and working on a re-do of my craft room for absolutely ages, but it's never quite been finished. I still need to put up shelves, I'm on the hunt for a better desk, the white rug is in the wash thanks to a few days of sick kitties, and I only just got the light shade up. Even though there's still a bit to do, I couldn't wait any longer to share my awesome space with you all.

I had originally planned to turn it partly into a nursery for Button, but hubby amazingly gave up his computer room for him. This was a pretty big deal, considering hubby is a major gamer and techie. Now I just have to deal with him shouting at zombies in the lounge room, heh.
This desk is far too small, but has had a good life.
I have a bit of a problem with clutches...

Now, the wardrobe is a mess. An absolute, horrible mess. I have plans to get to Bunnings and fit it out with pull out mesh baskets galore. In the meantime, I had to move my pinboards that I covered in fabric to the inside doors. My kitten has a really annoying obsession with push pins, so it seems. She runs off with them and demolishes whatever was attached. Grr.
At least there are pretty handles...
Above my desk, I have a few shelves from Ikea to put up and I have to get a magnetic board to avoid the kitten-pushpin issue.
At least it's pretty, functional and I don't feel cramped anymore. Don't worry, I'll share more pics once it's all done :)

Bookcase: Expedit, Ikea
Desk: Thrifted and painted
Sewing desk: Handed down
Office chair: Ikea
Wicker chair: eBay and painted
Lamp: Ikea
Chinese lanterns: Spotlight
Wardrobe handles: Provincial
Clock: DIY'd

If you have any questions about my favourite room in the house, ask away!


  1. Looks great Mel! Such a lovely space for creating.

  2. what a gorgeous craft space Mel!!! love it! happy creating...


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