Sunday, September 2, 2012

My week in pictures

Happy Fathers' Day to all the wonderful and loving Dads out there, especially to my amazing Dad and to Hubby who's already shown that one little bub can't have too much love. :)

We went for one of our daily walks to the shops so i could grab some caffeine and sugar - boy did I need it this week! It was an awful growth spurt week and bubba didn't sleep well most nights. Thankfully he's back to normal now and slept in til 9am this morning! woo!

I've been buying mini melting moments with my coffees at the cafe so decided to make some. These were with a passionfruit filling - so yummy! Recipe via Taste.

I had a heap of the passionfruit icing left over, so decided to make some cupcakes. The mix made so much, so I had to use all of my cupcake pans as well as my new mini bundt pan - love it. The icing was too thick for the bundt cakes, so I just thinned it out with some hot water and made a kind of glaze. Recipe via The Pretty Blog.

 Me in the mornings - I'm one of those never-leave-the-house-without-mascara people. Button's bald patch is just hilarious!
 I got some of the granny squares done last week, but I get bored pretty quickly, so went back to yet another rug project. These rounds just need edging then blocking and I can start joining them.
My other baby. I bought my Nikon D70 from a friend who was upgrading, but I haven't really had a chance to play around with it much. The aim is to start taking product shots with it rather than my trusty little point and shoot. At least I have the field guide out...we'll get there.
Huzzah for new pieces! I'm really moving towards using gold plated metals rather than the vintage look brass. It looks fresh and bright - ready for summer!
Oh and I picked up the dish on mega sale at Target - yay for sales!

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