Sunday, August 26, 2012

My week in pictures

How come the weeks fly by so quickly now? I wish my working days flew this fast haha. Button is now 8 weeks old and he's smiling and laughing and turning into a real little boy. And...he is starting to sleep through the night! Wee! That's from 8:30pm - 7am. Ok so far he's only done it once, but we're getting there, and he normally only wakes for a feed around 4am now. The upside to having a fatty baby I guess!
 A happy little monster :)
 We call this the "derp" face. Hehe he pulls the funniest expressions!
 I've been taking photos of him in this little chair I made every 2 weeks. It's not his favourite activity, but mostly cos he can't hold himself up for long and keeps falling sideways. Poor floppy thing.
 I got the sewing machines out again (first time in a looong time) and made some dummy straps. Probably not the neatest job, but they do the trick. I'm still getting the hang of the overlocker and this was my first try at doing a rolled hem. We'll get there.
 I've turned into a fruit-a-holic!
 The lilies are in full bloom in the garden and I've been filling the house up with them. They're just lovely.
 The cats are slowly recovering from the shock of a loud baby in the house. Cindy's pretty much indifferent to the whole affair now. She's such a princess.
 I've been crocheting again - these will eventually become a blanket for our bedroom. I love the colours!
The inspiration board needed an update - nice and bright and fresh! I decided I needed more pink in my life.

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