Monday, October 29, 2012

Another crafty week

Well, little Button's sleeping habits are finally back to normal, which means...craft time! :)
Another tick for the WIP list - loads of pacifier clips. Heh I kind of got on a roll with these. They were so quick to whip through. The tutorial is here.
My niece's school is having a fete soon and are going to be selling donated jars of "things" so I thought I'd make it an opportunity to destash my enormous bead collection and put together little bead kits. Aren't they cute?
On Thursday, I took my gorgeous SIL off to the Craft and Sewing show at Caulfield Racecourse. Oh man, it was heaven. Apparently I had some moments of lust in my eyes, but I think I was very controlled. I made it my goal to just work on building up my fabric stash with lots of basics (spots, stripes, checks...and a few cuuuute prints). And who can say no to giant ric rac?
I bought an awesome quilt kit too. So cute. It's from the Meet the Gang range.
I finally got another thing ticked off my WIP list - bandana bibs. Tutorial here.
And...I'm finally joining all those sunbursts. I gave up blocking them. 'Cos I'm using acrylic yarn, they don't really hold their shape, so I'll give it a shot when they're joined if I need to.
I'm using the joining tutorial from Attic24.
Aren't they amazing! There aren't as many as I thought I'd done, so the rug will be big enough to cover the bottom end of our bed or be a great single sized rug.


  1. Your rug is going to look amazing! what pattern are you using? and roughly how many balls of each colour are you using?

    1. Hi Krystal - I used this pattern for the sunbursts:
      I have probably about 10 balls of yarn (1 of each colour) and I've already gone through 2 balls of the cream colour to edge. I'll probably use up 1 ball for joining.

  2. some great things here Mel!!! and how cute is Henry!!

  3. I forgot to mention that they were a little thrilled with the jars at school :)
    I don't think they'll get many as lovely and well-put-together as yours :))


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