Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baking and Crochet...Nesting Much?

Lately I've been busy busy busy crocheting blankets. I spent such a long time stuffing up granny squares, that I decided to try this pattern at Ucreate. It looks great, but I forgot to take photos before gifting it to my 4mo nephew.

Here's my next project...a large granny blanket just for me. I think I've finally got it down skewing like I used to get. I have so many more crochet projects I want to try and I've pinned them into my pinterest to find enough time to finish them all!

I also got the baking bug again and am totally in love with my new breadmaker! I late christmas present to myself :)
 Raspberry and chocolate low-fat muffins from my favourite muffin cookbook - 500 Cupcakes
German grain favourite for sandwiches. I've only used the Laucke brand of flours so far, but they're a hit.
Yummy raisin bread...I'll add some more cinnamon next time. Find the recipe here to make this yummy loaf completely in the breadmaker.


  1. Gorgeous blanket Mel! I love the colours, so pretty! My nesting seems to have focussed itself on solving all my storage issues so that everything is super organised. The blanket and baking look like more fun!

    1. Hehe dont' worry Michelle...I still have a lot of organising to do. My linen cupboard screams at me whenever I open it, lol. I think crochet and baking is the perfect form of procrastination though, don't you?

  2. I love your crochet pins on pinterest! I stalk them lol
    Congrats on your baby news, x


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